Band Lineup

2017 Band & Musician Lineup


Arnett & Friends


In Central Ohio, Arnett Howard is a legend.  No matter what he plays or who he plays with, he always brings out the crowds.  His energetic personality and musicianship have made him perhaps the best known entertainer in the region.  Arnett has performed over 4,000 concerts since 1985…for audiences big and small, people young and old, in Central Ohio and worldwide.  No matter what the venue, Arnett has the band and the repertoire to make it sizzle.

Arnett and his Band will be performing on the Main Stage…and it will be special.  They will be opening the festivities, playing one night only, THURSDAY NIGHT ONLY. So, pack your bags, make your reservations and come Thursday evening to see Arnett and his band, and stay through Saturday to enjoy our great lineup of entertainers.


Little Roy and Lizzie


Traditional Bluegrass at its best!  Lizzie Long was born in Lincolnton, Georgia, on the same road as Roy Lewis, of the famed Lewis Family, ”First Family of Bluegrass Gospel.”  From an early age, Lizzy learned to play fiddle, guitar and banjo.  Lewis and his wife, Bonnie, became her foster parents since she was fifteen years old.  It was only a matter of time when Little Roy Lewis and Lizzie Long would be traveling around the country with their own band family, performing the best of “real” Bluegrass.

Little Roy & Lizzie will be performing FRIDAY ONLY at the Washboard Music Festival.




From Southeast Ohio, The Wayfarers play their own form of American String-band music.  While much of their repertoire is rooted in the Appalachian tradition they revere, they shed new light on old tunes, fusing top-notch musicianship with the high energy that characterized early mountain music.  The Wayfarers will be on stage SATURDAY ONLY.


Scr semicircle



 The Steel City Rovers are a Celtic music group from Ontario, Canada that mixes gritty folk music with progressive Celtic subgenres and creates flair and energy that’s an infectious blend of sound. The band performs with everything from Scottish small-pipes to the mandola, and can bust out the accordion, Irish whistle, bongo drums, and of course the fiddle, to bring multiple change-ups in instrumentation. Fearless girl drummer Jess Gold helps create a unique blend of Celtic music by bringing a bit of electric funk to the stage too. The group is witty and whimsical, and includes a bit of their comedy in between songs.  Steel City Rovers will be performing




What do you get when you blend jazz, blues ragtime, swing and original music with washboards, washtubs, kazoos, jugs and various other sundry hardware? Nothing less than the strange concoction called the JUGGERNAUT JUG BAND.  Over the years, they have appeared with Leon Russell, Arlo Guthrie, John Hartford, Jonathan Edwards, Riders In the Sky, Bill Monroe, Doc Watson, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Tom Paxton and many others.  JUGGERNAUT JUG BAND is:  Greg “Frankie” Lentz, guitar and vocals, Pat “Slim Chance” Lentz, guitar, banjo and vocals, Stu “Roscoe Goose” Helm, jug, percussion, harmonica and vocals, and James “Jug Band Jimmy” Brown, bass and vocals.  While members of the band are accomplished musicians, “They don’t let virtuosity get in the way of having fun.” (Washington Post) Each performance is a challenge to the audience to have as much fun as the band. Don’t let their antics fool you though. Their exuberant music is the result of skillfully conceived arrangements and unique vocal harmonies.  Don’t miss the return of one of our favorite groups, playing FRIDAY & SATURDAY.

Carolynmark with Washboard Hank


From Peterborough, Canada, we welcome Washboard Hank a legendary Canadian artist known for his contributions to both the alt. country scene and the contemporary music scene in Canada.  Washboard Hank plays an amazing conglomeration of bells, licence plates, duck calls, etc., and actually gets music out of it. He also plays banjo, kazoo, and dobro, and will probably break a lot of guitar strings too. If the proper plumbing supplies are available and space allows you can expect a solo or two on the “Fallopian Tuba,” made out of 1 1/2″ PVC pipe and a stainless steel sink.   Hank is a big fan of western swing, and describes his own sound as a “real salad mix of different kinds of music,” including hillbilly boogie and bluegrass – stuff that cheers people up and lets them have a good time. 

Washboard Hank & some of his friends will be playing at The Washboard Music Festival both FRIDAY & SATURDAY.


SpYder Stompers & Sugar Pie 

The SpYder Stompers and Sugar Pie cook up a tasty spread of foot stompin’ pre war acoustic country blues for all occasions! The string band quartet members are vocalists and multi-instrumentalists who tag team leading tunes out of music genres which were popular during the first half of the 20th century. This old music comes alive with the likes of Cousin Kevin (Kevin T. Richards) on guitar, mandolin, fiddle; Jailbreak Jack (Jack DiAlesando) guitar, harmonica; Sugar Pie (Sheela Das) ukulele, pennywhistle, washboard; and Brother Raymond (Ray Deforest) on acoustic bass. From school assemblies and libraries to outdoors concerts and festivals, the SpYder Stompers and Sugar Pie are guaranteed fun.  SSSP is an Ohio Arts Council Touring Band!  




The Sodbusters are a regional circuit favorite. Their music spans Americana genres from rootsy folk and timeless country to acoustic, upbeat renditions of classic rock songs and arrangements of golden era swing standards, (which they refer to as “cowjazz”). This local ensemble is sure to lift your spirits.  They will be performing FRIDAY & SATURDAY.


Ohio River Minstrels

The Ohio River Minstrels—(John and Gwenn Noftsger) celebrate our American heritage in story and song.  As musicians, singers, historians, and composers, they highlight persons, events andexperiences that have helped shape our country’s history and its culture.  Since 1990, this duo has presented musical Americana programs at festivals, community events, fairs, churches and historical societies throughout the mid-Ohio Valley.  

John & Gwenn will be performing at The Bowen House, Friday & Saturday afternoon.



Bill Bailey


“Won’t you come home BILL BAILEY, won’t you come home…”

Not this Bill Bailey.  He’s having too much fun entertaining audiences throughout the country.  That’s right, we’re talking about the Bill Bailey of Washboard fame, from Indianapolis.  He has spent over 40 years in percussion music.  For the last 25 years he has focused on acoustical percussion instruments such as spoons.  Washboards, hambone, congas, Irish bodhran, various ethnic drums and regular household items.  And during the Washboard Music Festival you can usually find our Bill Bailey delighting Festival visitors touring the Columbus Washboard Factory, and appearing on stage with the Washboard Players.